One tip that will help you maintain your home and sell for more.

What can you do to add value to your home? There’s one tried and true tip that can help your home sell for more.

It’s pretty simple: Maintain your home while you own it. I’ve met many sellers who’ve had a laundry list of things they were planning to do. I understand—kids, work, and life get in the way, but if you want to add value to your home, you have to stay on top of these tasks.

Every six months or once a year, budget time and money to check a few things. Go outside and look at your yard, pavers, gutters, siding, eaves, and soffits. If you see any deterioration, fix it! On the inside, check your paint, baseboards, cabinets, lamination, grout, and caulking. Don’t put anything you notice on a list—fix it right then and there.

If you follow this tip, I guarantee your home will look great when it comes time to sell. Fill out this form, and I’d be happy to send you a free maintenance guide. You can also call me! I’d love to come over and share some ideas.